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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Alela Diane

[Freak Folk, Psych Desert Gypsy Blues, New Weird America]

Alela is from Nevada City, California and is not-so-surprisingly friends with Joanna Newsom, having opened for her several times. Alela plays dark, yet beautifully haunting music that sounds much like its been served up right off the side of a deserted western highway, rather than a smoky Appalachian highway. She incorporates a strikingly sorrowful, yet wonderfully right Native American aesthetic that adds an appropriately comforting depth to her collections. In 2003 she self-release Forest Parade, and then The Pirate's Gospel the year following. Since then she was signed by Holocene Music in the US but then transfered to Names Records (UK) upon which she released her 2006 EP Songs Whistled Through White Teeth along with a remastered version of The Pirate's Gospel in 2007.

slightly similar to these crazies or vise versa:
Joanna Newsom, Marie Sioux, Jana Hunter, Vashti Bunyan, White Magic

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Aly said...

thank you for posting these! just discovered her. beautiful.


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