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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

String Quartet Tribute To Arcade Fire (08)

[Tribute to Arcade Fire, Instrumental]

If you're a fan of The Arcade Fire this is amazing.

String Quartet Tribute - The Arcade Fire's Funeral (2008)

The Young Gods - Knock On Wood (AS) (08)

[Industrial, Experimental, Acoustic, Swiss Rock]

The Young Gods are an electronic/industrial band, formed in Switzerland in 1985. Current and past members include Franz Treichler (lead vocals), Alain Monod (a.k.a Al Comet) and Cesare Pizzi (keyboards) and Frank Bagnoud, Use Hiestand and Bernard Trontin (drums). They are generally considered to have been about 20 years ahead of their times, generating music that could still be considered on the bleeding edge today (due to the reliance on samples and sequencers, their concerts sound pretty much the same today as they did then).

slightly similar to these crazies or vice-versa: Swans, Coil, Foetus, November, Mike Patton

The Young Gods - Knock On Wood (Acoustic Sessions) (2008)

Those Poor Bastards - The Plague (08)

[Gothic, Drone, Alt-Country, Freak Folk]

Those Poor Bastards play miserable and primitive old-time gothic country music. Lonesome Wyatt (guitar, vocals) and The Minister (banjo, bass, etc.) are both legally certified holiness preachers. If you're looking for slick, over-produced, commercial songs, you'd better cover your delicate little ears. Those Poor Bastards play it raw and they play it mean. Here is there 2008 release, The Plague, off Tribulation Recordings.

slightly similar to these crazies or vice-versa: Diablo Swing Orchestra, Hank Williams III, Lonesome Wyatt and The Holy Spooks, The .357 String Band, Sons of Perdition

Awesome Color - Electric Aborigines (08)

[Garage, Psychedelic, Noise, Rock]

Striking awe in nearly all concert goers who bare humble witness to their live performances, Awesome Color, a band of three hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, are quickly making a name for themselves. Signed to Ecstatic Peace/Universal Records, the band is still pushing onward with their outstanding sophomore release, Electric Aborigines, the follow up to their debut s/t album of 2006. The band is just about as trippy as you get without...well, actually tripping. Just look at that artwork alone. That has to tell you something. These guys jam not just for garage rock, psych rock, noise rock, or southern rock...these guys flat out jam on a whole new level of jamable rock.

slightly similar to these crazies or vice-versa: Oakley Hall, Danava, Witchcraft, Pride Tiger, Oneida, Black Lips


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