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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back to Noisey Things


A mix between Klaxons and Fujiya & Miyagi, this Northampton band is made up of James(vox), Ben, Phil, Matt and Andy who recently just finished out their unsurprisingly successful tour. Their debut album We Can Create, recorded in James' bedroom , was released earlier this year on Mute Records.

[We Can Create (07).zip]

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It Will Find You.mp3
I Don't Know Her Name.mp3

VHS or Beta

So this is a band that I have trusted in to serve as the audiological presentation of my life and mind ever since I was introduced to them during their tour for Night On Fire in 2004. Band members Craig Pfunder(guitar), Zeke Buck, bassist Mark Palgy, and drummer Mark Guidry, are most well-known for their work in the club scene with their numerous remixes and club singles despite the fact that they aren't really clubbish music but a rather cabaret electro-punk instrumental band. They are often seen live on accident and known to float around the underground. Now with their August 2007 sophomore release, Bring on the Comets, on Astralwerks Records, VHS or Beta will ultimately gain long awaited and well deserved acclamation from the music community.

[Bring on the Comets (07).zip]

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Bring On The Comets

Previous Tracks

TV Buddhas

This band is just about as bizarre as you get. Originating from ramat hasharon, Israel, TV Buddhas classify themselves as religious, psychedelic, trance or "Indian Psy-Sex". I'd say they're pretty much right on. I'd also say they are one of the most nonchalantly radical bands I've heard. With the release of their debut EP FITW01, this off the wall and off the charts gypsy rock duo, Mickey Killer(drums) and Evil Haring(strings) treat us with three extremely meaty songs. Now touring in Europe, TV Buddha's full lenght debut LP is due out sometime next spring/summer.

[FITW01 (07).zip]


Short on lyrics, experimentally uplifting, and with great promise, Battles, are a US math rock band that was formed in 2002. Following a string of EPs, the band released their debut LP on the Warp Records label in May 2007. The group's lineup is composed of well-known musicians, including ex-Helmet(also currently in Tomahawk) drummer John Stanier, ex-Don Caballero, ex-Storm & Stress guitarist Ian Williams, ex-Lynx guitarist Dave Konopka, and Tyondai Braxton (son of Avantgarde Jazz musician Anthony Braxton) who also plays guitar and keyboard and creates live voice samples. Their newest album Mirrored, recorded by Keith Souza at Machines With Magnets, was released on 14 May 2007 and there are absolutely no words for how essentially amazing this album is-definitely on the top 5 for this year.

[Mirrored (07).zip]

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Punkish? maybe. Indie? very likely. Electronic? who isn't these days. Noise rock? Most definitely. Experimental? Lets just say the first 3o seconds to every track sounds as if its been dubbed from some 60s rebel flick. Japanther's 2007 release is just about the craziest mix of dub, noise, and experimental music i've heard this year. It's like Ariel Pink on speed, minus the mouth drums. This brings me back to middle school happily. For their album Skuffed Up My Huffy, an i-tunes reviewer claims, "Every song makes you wanna slap yo mama."

[Skuffed Up My Huffy (07).zip]

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One of The Top Albums of 2007


Like nothing you've ever heard. I think this is what we get for the consumption of all those gypsy tears. With such a New York based eclectic sound, bands like The Harlem Shakes, Vampire Weekend, and White Rabbits openly admit that Yeasayer truly owns big for the best competing New York band at this time, debuting in October with their '07 release of All Hour Cymbals on We Are Free Records

[All Hour Cymbals (07).zip]

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White Rabbits

They may be under the impression that they've been overshot by Yeasayer's striking sound, but nonetheless White Rabbits are still sturdy contenders. Although they have been in The City for just over a year, they have managed to catch the attention of Say Hey Records and producer Chris Zane (Shy Child, Asobi Seksu, Les Savy Fav) with their stellar songwriting ability and instrumental aplomb.

Lead by dual vocalists, Greg Roberts (Guitar / Vox) and Steve Patterson (Piano / Vox), the 6 piece is rounded out by Alex Even (Guitar / Vox), Adam Russell (Bass), Matt “The Duck” Clark (Drums) and Jamie Levinson (Drums). With a certain joie de vive, playfulness and charm White Rabbits debut with their 2007 album, Fort Nightly.

[Fort Nightly ('07).zip]

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Vampire Weekend

Hailing from New York, Vampire Weekend is indie rock with an afro-beat style. The band includes: Ezra Koenig (vocals), Rostam Batmanglij (keys & vox), Christopher Tomson (drums) and Chris Baio (bass). They've been compared to Bedouin Sound Clash and Bishop Allen. Their self-titled debut hit the community this fall following their EP Cape Cod Kawassa Kawassa.

[Vampire Weekend (07).zip]

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The Harlem Shakes

The Harlem Shakes are an American indie rock band, based in Brooklyn, New York City. Their name comes from a well-known dancing step, the Harlem shake.

Formed by musicians Brent Katz (drums, vocals), Jose Soegaard (bass, vocals), Lexy Benaim (vocals), Todd Goldstein (guitar, vocals) and Kendrick Strauch (keyboards, vocals), the band is one of many bands that have helped to the 60's garage rock revival. The most recent EP, Burning Birthdays, was released in '06.

[Burning Birthdays (o6).zip]

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Haunted Graffiti

I'll be posting links to complete albums regularly. Mostly very recent dubstep, neo-folk, lo-fi, noise, and experimental, but if you have any requests feel free to ask and I'll Up it.
For now my favorite lo-fi album...

[Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - The Doldrums (04).zip]

After years of recording in relative seclusion in the hills of Los Angeles, Ariel Pink (the first non-Animal Collective member on the Paw Tracks roster) made his official Paw Tracks debut with The Doldrums. Recording at home with a guitar, bass, keyboard, and 8-track (the drum sounds were created with his mouth).

Ariel Pink blends Lite FM and warped lo-fi pop into something by turns beautiful and confusing. Some may find his personal yet detached approach highly addictive, while others may be instantly turned off by the obvious low-fi production and the vocal drum tracks.



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