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Monday, June 2, 2008

Deerhunter - Microcastle (08)

[Ambient-Punk, Psychedelic, Experimental, Shoegaze, Post-Rock]

The lovely minimalists of Deerhunter are back again with their 2008 release of Microcastle on Kranky Records, and its even more fantastic than their previous, Cryptograms. Deerhunter's sound is the perfect polarizing balance between electronic ambience, psychedelica, experimental and shoegazey dronage and nothing could exemplify this, as well as their progression as a band in general, better than this album.

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Maps - The Wick and The Fire (08)

[Experimental, Math Rock, Shoegaze, Instrumental]

MAPS is an instrumental rock band from Nashville, TN. They formed in February 2005 “in a town where instrumental music is virtually non-existent”. Within a year MAPS had played with post-rock heavyweights like Foxhole and Unwed Sailor and released their first demo titled “The Occidental EP” in February 2006. From there regional touring took place and the band recorded and released their first full length album “Oh, That Our Heads Were Waters” in November 2006. They have shared the stage with bands like Foxhole, Unwed Sailor, Caspian, Constants, Gifts from Enola, Cinemechanica and The Ascent of Everest among many others known in the instrumental scene.

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Grails - Take Refuge In Clean Living (08)

[Post-Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Ambient, Drone]

Here is Grails' 2008 follow up to their 2007 release Burning Off Impurities, Take Refuge in Clean Living, released by Important Records. Portland residents, Grails are a band you probably already know and if you don't then allow me... They were formally kown as Laurel Canyon, but were renamed upon their 2003 release of their first LP. They became louder, better, and more aggressive with their approach, but still maintain their lulling ambient drones.

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Lucky Dragons - Dream Island... (08)

[Experimental, Instrumental, Electronic, Folkish-IDM]

Luke Fischbeck is probably one of my favorite people on earth at this moment, mind you I have a lot of favorites, but I'm just saying he is definitely one of them. His on-going musical project Lucky Dragons was started in 1999 and has since remained strong with the aid of many other hands who recruits for recording and live performances such as his recent performance at the Whitney Biennial. His new full length release, Dream Island Laughing Language, is just as superb as his last release in 2007, A Sewing Circle.

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Black Moth Super Rainbow - Zodiac Girls (08)

Here is there 2008 7"!

A - Zodiac Girls
B - The Fields are Breathing

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Zodiac Girls 7" (2008)

Festival - Come, Arrow, Come! (08)

[New Weird America, Folk, Tribal, Female Vocalists]

Holy crap! This album is like spearing an oil well in the middle of the mundane. These two sisters Lindsay(Cake Bake Betty) & Alexis Powell of Brooklyn, NY have debuted one of the best debuts this spring with their release Come, Arrow, Come! signed to Language of Stone. For me, this album was one of those first three second loves, finally, its been too long. Throughout the composition the girls' talented sound stays consistently enticing while switching back and forth from genuine folk to tribal ritualistic hymns to hypnotizing psychedelic drones.

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Nalle - The Siren's Wave (08)

[Psych-Folk, Esoteric, Freak Folk, Female Vocalists]

Heres a trio who makes me even more proud of my heritage. Hailing from Glasglow, Scotland, Nalle aka Hanna Tuulikki, Aby Vulliamy, and Chris Hladowski also of Scatter, are a rising folk band who can finally show all these other freak folk trendsters how the real esoteric folk is executed. To some this album may seem barely tolerable, but to others who genuinely enjoy this genre of musical art this album could very well be pure gold.

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Pocahaunted - Island Diamonds LP (08)

[Experimental, Drone, Ambient, Psychedelic, Psych-Folk]

For those who like Indian Jewelry's oldest album, Rattling Death Train, or those who like Andy Spore of Raccoo-Oo-Oon's dark aura of a sound then here is Pocahaunted's 2008 full length, Island Diamonds off of Arbor records. This time the two girls have really stepped it up a notch all while still maintaining a nice alluring tribal/mystical aspect to their sound.

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