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Monday, June 2, 2008

Maps - The Wick and The Fire (08)

[Experimental, Math Rock, Shoegaze, Instrumental]

MAPS is an instrumental rock band from Nashville, TN. They formed in February 2005 “in a town where instrumental music is virtually non-existent”. Within a year MAPS had played with post-rock heavyweights like Foxhole and Unwed Sailor and released their first demo titled “The Occidental EP” in February 2006. From there regional touring took place and the band recorded and released their first full length album “Oh, That Our Heads Were Waters” in November 2006. They have shared the stage with bands like Foxhole, Unwed Sailor, Caspian, Constants, Gifts from Enola, Cinemechanica and The Ascent of Everest among many others known in the instrumental scene.

slightly similar to these crazies or vice-versa: Foxhole, Caspian, Darkroom, Grails, Battles, Unwed Sailor

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