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Saturday, May 31, 2008

MP3 links are fixed!

Apparently none of my mp3s were working. I've fixed them! so so sorry.
And to test it out further here are a few more of which the albums will be posted soon.

[Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual 08]
Ponytail - Beg Waves.mp3

[These Are Powers - Terrific Sessions 07]
These Are Powers - Little Sister of Beijing (Brenmar Remix).mp3

[Holy Shit - Stranded at Two Harbors 06]
Holy Shit - I Don't Enemies.mp3

[Geneva Jacuzzi - Kooze Control 08]
Geneva Jacuzzi - Sand Trip.mp3

[Sewn Leather - Danse is Dead 08]
Sewn Leather - Dream Widower.mp3

[Peepholes - Teen Hero 07]
Peepholes - Faux Feminist.mp3

[Night of Pleasure - Godard vs. Truffaut 7" 07]
Night of Pleasure - Godard vs. Truffaut.mp3

[Bubonic Plague - Instant Coma 08]
Bubonic Plague - Gray Wave City.mp3


Anonymous said...

Can you post the track "Sal's Tropical Depression", please ? Thank you !

Blanche said...

There ya go.

thedeparture said...

Oh no. The links don't appear to be working. I'm dying to hear that Geneva Jacuzzi tune.
Any chance you could get it posted up again?
Thank you!

sam said...

could you post the sewn leather album??? i own it and love it but would love mp3's


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