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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Indian Jewelry - Free Gold (08)

[Free Gold!]

I think I can say, in my own opinion, that Indian Jewelry is the most productive band so far this year. Yea, a couple releases are rereleases due to recent resignage but still 2 new full length LPs, a singles compilation, and a split all in one first half of a year is damn impressive. As previously posted, India Jewelry already rerealsed their LP We Are The Wild Beast from 2003 this year and have just now released an all new full length entitled Free Gold! that is even better and as I said more along the lines of Rattling Death Train. Hallelujah! Also released, is their second all new album of this year, Fake and Cheap, followed by Sangles Redux.

[Cheap and Fake]

Indian Jewelry - Looking at you (Free Gold!).mp3

Indian Jewelry - Free Gold! (2008)
Part 1

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