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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Effi Briest, Ipso Facto, The Hawds, Magistrates

Here are several bands that I have been stalking recently who have yet to put out debut EPs and who have therefore made me uncharacteristically skiddish in the sense that I cannot download more than one track by them at this time. I am now unusually forced to wait for their releases of which have no set/announced date for release, and some aren't even of rumored possibility/production. We can only assume these LPs will exist soon, if not soon, I might gain an unfortunate 2nd...or third personality.

Effi Briest
Seven girls, one band, and a whole lot of magic makes for an outstanding freak-folk/rock septet known as Effi Briest, coming straight out of Brooklyn, NY. Their brilliant clatter screams hauntingly loud on a debut 7" entitled, Mirror Rim, say it backwards with now. Mirror Rim. Here is their single accompanied by its B-side, The Newly-weds, a cover of an old 1970s jazz tune, and their 2nd 7" Long Shadow.

Effi Briest - Mirror Rim.mp3
Effi Briest - Newly-weds Song.mp3
Effi Briest - Long Shadow.mp3

Effi Briest - Pheonix.mp3

Ipso Facto
Words can not describe the love I have for these four girls. They are all such amazing artists! Hailing from London, and in no way related to their typical comparison, The Horrors, Ipso Facto is a steadily rising, post-rock modern goth soon-to-be phenomenon. Finally a female band that produces music which screams intellectual vision and specific style thats not overly accessible to the mainstream listener, much like Effi Briest above. Here is Ipso Facto's 7" Harmonise/Balderdash, along with a few other unreleased tracks.

Ipso Facto - Harmonize.mp3
Ipso Facto - Balderdash.mp3
Ipso Facto - Introducing.mp3
Ipso Facto - Little Puppet.mp3
Ipso Facto - Girl.mp3

The Hawds
These five guys, also from the UK, are hard to find, still locally oriented, only have a couple demo releases, and frustrate me more now than I was with White Denim and their seemingly long period of scarcity. Some might say they are your typical guitar rock band, but there is something else that lingers on your ears and somehow convinces you that they are awesome. I might carelessly relate them to the Black Lips in regards to their rawness, but these guys are a lot less focused on a scene to belong to and rather they devote their time to just being an honest band.

The Hawds - Dirt.mp3


Oh woa. Ok, if you have or had any interest at all, even a superficial pull, towards Tigercity or MGMT or any other seductive new wave jams then you will absolutely adore these guys. They are so incredibly right-on it is not even a question of whether they will be huge. They're from Essex, England and still continue to tour rather locally, but were just signed to XL Records which alone reveals their fate. I can hardly take their simmering success; they are my calm before the storm.

Magistrates - The Inbetweens.mp3
Magistrates - Colour Co Ordination.mp3
Magistrates - Make This Work.mp3


luzinha said...

any chance you could repost the effi briest stuff?

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I second the above!


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