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Monday, September 1, 2008

Lackthereof - Your Anchor

Genre: not-so-quirky, Lo-Fi, Folk, Solo Project
Year: 2008
Label: Barsuk Records
Who: Danny Seim
Where: Portland
Like: Driving over a big bridge in a foreign city
Rating: 8/10

Compare to: School of Language, Menomena, Field Music, Throw Me a Statue

Seim, the drummer and founder of Menomena, started Lackthereof in 1997, but since the recent touring and grand attention garnered by Menomena, Lackthereof has become the side project. Alone, Seim has a significantly less orchestrated sound, respectfully, as well as a noticably more energizing, light-hearted style compared to his usual, yet still achieves equal texture. Great for a midafternoon listen. Not peppy indie riffs, but instead a hint of electronic fuzz and lo-fi undertones mixed with extremely accesible vocals. Seim's third studio album for Lackthereof, Your Anchor, was released this july and has gained some critical acclaim thus far.

1. Chest Pass
2. Fire Trial
3. Choir Practice
4. Doomed Elephants
5. Locked Upstairs
6. Last November
7. Ask Permission
8. You Can
9. Vacant Eyes
10. Fake Empire

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