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Monday, September 1, 2008

Talkdemonic - Eyes at Half Mast

Genre: Post-Rock, Instrumental, Experimental, Strings
Year: 2008
Label: Arena Rock
Who: Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro
Where: Portland
Like: Traveling through the rundown country without stopping
Rating: 8/10

Compare to: Growing, The Octopus Prjoect, The Dead Texan, Horse Feathers, Whip

Formed in 2002, this folktronic duo, Talkdemonic, certainly knows the trade of instrumental music. Their September release of Eyes at Half Mast makes this their fourth studio album; one that is intricately orchestrated to an honorable degree, and meticulously dynamic throughout. It's a perfect fusion of electronics, strings, and percussion.

1. Leaving Light
2. Ending the Orange Glow
3. Duality of Deathening
4. Shattered into Dyes
5. Tides in their Grave
6. Civilian
7. Black Wood Crimson
8. March Movement
9. Dim Sky
10. Shallow Doldrums
11. Dust and Heat
12. Huancayo Orchestrelle
13. Dream by Heart
14. A Hundred Faces in the Neon Forest

Try it.
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