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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grouper - Draggin a Dead Deer Up a Hill

Genre: Lush, Dark-Ambient, Experimental, Shoegaze
Year: 2008
Label: Type
Where: Portland
Like: A muffled, slow-motion replay of a tragic montage
Rating: 10/10

Also listen to: Belong, Growing, TwinSisterMoon, Inca Ore

1. Disengaged
2. Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
3. Stuck
4. When We Fall
5. Traveling Through A Sea
6. Fishing Bird (Empty Jutted In The Evening Breeze)
7. Invisible
8. I'm Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill
9. A Cover Over
10. Wind And Snow
11. Tidal Wave
12. We've All Time To Sleep

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1 comment:

Carlos Alonso said...

my favourite record of the year? probably.


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