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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here We Go Magic - Here We Go Magic

Genre: Psychedelic, Avant Gard, Lo-FI, Ambient
Year: 2009
Label: Unsigned
Who: Luke Temple & Band
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Like: an eerie back alley bum tripping on shrooms
Rating: ?/10

Compare to: Luke Temple, Ariel Pink, Cass McCombs, Flying, Animal Collective, Caribou

Luke Temples side project is set to make their psychedelic debut this February under the name Here We Go Magic. The release has yet to leak, but the band is streaming a handful of tracks on of course their myspace. Having given these tracks more than a fair listen, I can say I am quite excited for this album especially since there aren't that may outstanding records forecasted for this spring. Here We Go Magic has a refreshingly mature lo-fi psychedlic sound abundant with flushing harmonies and warm beats perfect for a day in the grass with your shroomies. Although their sound may resemble classic psychedelia a tad too much, it can be heard with a modern ear which makes it better than anything Ariel Pink has ever attempted. But of course this is just based of three tracks.

1. Only Pieces
2. Fangela
3. Ahab
4. Tunnelvision
5. Ghost List
6. I Just Want To See You Underwater
7. Babyohbabyijustcantstanditanymore
8. Nat’s Alien
9. Everything’s Big

More qbout the band.
More qbout Luke.

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Andi said...

the band's MySpace tracks sound very nice and I am currently downloading the album from eMusic, looking forward to the whole thing when the sun shines tomorrow morning. as you describe, it's nice psychedelic music - the beatiness was a nice surprise, I'm a DJ and I can imagine using some of this as well as 'just' enjoying it. I didn't think the music was that eerie though ... thanks for the tip! best wishes, Andi


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