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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mac Blackout - Mac Blackout

Genre: Post-Punk, Experimental, Noise Rock
Year: 2008
Label: Dead Beat
Who: Mr. Blackout
Where: Illinois
Like: Grinding our teeth and taking sheers to bonfire
Rating: 9/10

Compare to: Blank Dogs, Digital Leather, Human Eye, Jay Reatard

Mr. Blackout's album is his side-project aside from his band The Daily Void. He's no newbie. In fact, he's been around putting out his work since the late 90s, but here is his full length released this year, an extremely cohesive and compressed collection of genuinely great post-punk noise rock. Very very listenable guy.

Choice track: You've Lost Your Eyes

1. Everybody Rock
2. Voodoo Doll
3. Heartache in the City
4. Dreamin’ of Summertime
5. Nowhere Man
6. March of Love and Hate
7. Baby Face Killer
8. Searchin’ for an Angel
9. The Lonely People
10. You’ve Lost Your Eyes
11. Delirium Trim Man
12. I Came from Another World

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