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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Honkeyfinger - Invocation of The Demon Other

Genre: Dirty Lo-fi Blues
Year: 2008
Label: Hoarse! Records
Who: One Sexy Creep of a Man
Where: UK
Like: Dirty blood coated backseats and sweaty shoulders
Rating: 9/10

Compare to: Flat Duo Jets, Tree Machine, Orange Goblin, Royal Trux, old Kills, D-66

A one man force of evil seduction. I dare say he tops Rob Zombie. Hailing from Bethnal Green, he describes his sound as skronk blues beast rock partial to fuzzy harmonicas and driving percussion. He's got the sound of an entire angry shotgun toting hillbilly ensemble all to himself, expect magnified to the grimmiest most careless sense of that analogy. Throw a little beatboxing loops and rattlesnakes into the mix and you've got one bad ass motherfucker. Oh wait, he's from the UK? I don't get it either, but it sounds pretty damn nastalgic.

Choice Track: Trouble

1 Honk N Skronkin
2 Got This Rage
3 Margarine Man
4 Jiherbode Boogie
5 Trouble
6 Parchman Farm
7 Cobra
8 True Believers
9 Farmer George
10 Fine Things
11 Margarine Man (Pt.2)
12 Burning Skull Blues
13 Boss Honk
14 Running On Empty
15 Subaquatic Homesick Blues

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Great Stuff, THX !


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