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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Electro Magnificent Pop Geniuses

White Williams
Nurtured in the arson-prone fatalism of Cleveland's DIY scene, 23-year-old Joe Williams, noise-rock dilettante and White Williams' mastermind, made a name for himself twice touring with Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk), Andrew Strasser, Frank Musarra (Hearts of Darknesses) and Luke Venezia (Drop the Lime). Together, through countless venues of ill-repute, they forced their cartooned audio effluvia in the ears of hapless art-students, transients and skin-heads. Inevitably, Joe was saved by pop music. Smoke is his self-invented messiah. Recorded in various sublets over two years in Cleveland, Cincinnati, New York, and San Francisco, using a laptop, analog synths and a mutable selection of studio equipment, White Williams' first album is unapologetic pop that flirts with the vacuous nostalgia of the American dream; e ngaging ambiguous and schizophrenic instruments with impressionistic lyrics, driven by a casually heterosexual backbeat. Polished, familiar and addictive like the sound of sex in a futuristic hospital, Smoke portends a time where energy-drinking teenagers undress each other with night-vision goggles. As an amalgam of adolescent telepathy and mature awareness: White Williams is the soundtrack to our dreams of a lustful and indifferent prom night that lasts forever.

[Smoke (07).zip]

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon is a furry ball of imagination and childlike wonder. In his world, convention is thrown out a 20th-story window and beaten with a bright red plastic hammer. Dan uses electronic gizmos, keyboards, and stuff he found in the trash to create amusing and confusing sounds, blended with absurd lyrics about undersea racing and feline entrepreneurs. He is also a classically trained composer. As for Deacon and 2007, he has managed to release three outstanding full lengths, below is Spiderman of The Rings.

[Spiderman of The Rings (07).zip]


Jona Bechtolt is a technological multi talent: his band, YACHT, is an amalgamation of self-taught dance moves and anthemic electro-power jams all played backwards and covered in cherry cola. YACHT shows are uncluttered, inspiring sessions of improbable dancing and synchronized crowd-waving; the songs shudder happily into the air, and any preconceived notions of what makes an energetic performance are shattered by Bechtolt's own strain of shamanistic bombast. Bechtolt has been a promiscuous genre-smasher since his adolescence, when he decided that playing drums in the touring punk band he formed with his older brother was more worthwhile than attending a single day of high school. He's plied his unique breed of laptop wizardry and grunge ethos to endless collaborations, both as drummer and producer, with west coast mainstays like Panther, Little Wings, Mt. Eerie, Bobby Birdman, Devendra Banhart, E*Rock, and most currently The Blow. On his most recent release, I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real., Bechtolt reveals just how important it is to come original and realize how crucial it is to do the things we're good at.

[I Believe In You. Your Magic Is]

Here Goes It,
A Paw Tracks Line-up...

Animal Collective

Ha, you know who they are so I won't ramble. Here's to their newest investment. Strawberry Jam arrived on September 11 via new Collective zoo Domino, and includes nine tracks sure to incite much mind-expanding.
[Strawberry Jam (07).zip]

Panda Bear

Panda Bear is the alias of Noah Lennox, one of the two core members of Animal Collective, along with Avey Tare (a.k.a Dave Portner). In Animal Collective, Noah's primary role is that of a drummer, though he also plays other instruments and sings. He adopted the name Panda Bear from an early tape of his material, on which he drew a panda. He's married and lives in Libson, Portugal with his wife and kid. His most recent album, Person Pitch, was released earlier this year.

[Person Pitch (07).zip]

Grizzly Bear

Ariel Pink
on their way....

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