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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A Place To Bury Strangers

One of my favorites this fall, A Place to Bury Strangers, are claimed to be the noisiest band in NYC, and judging by their recently release self-titled LP comprised of several bellowing drones and custom made pedals, I am not surprised. As for their debut EP, that disc came out on tiny New England imprint Killer Pimp Records, but for the next two, A Place to Bury Strangers have inked with Chicago-based upstart Highwheel Records. They already have plans to pack their custom-made pedals and travel to the Windy City to record in December, with eyes on having another release stuffed with all-new material out in early 2008.

[A Place To Bury Strangers (07).zip]

.... of similar sound


Deerhunter began in 2001 with the ambition of fusing the lulling hypnotic states induced by ambient and minimalist music with the klang and propulsion of garage rock. The band has weathered chaotic line-up changes, the death of a member, and much discouragement. Their live performances almost always leave audiences polarized, and have been referred to by Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs in NME as bordering on "a religious experience." Cryptograms is the second full-length offering from Deerhunter, and their first for Kranky. The album took almost two years to finish and was the product of emotional, physical, and financial strain on the group. The result is an album that finds the band shifting from discordant catharsis, and forming a sonic identity that completely expresses the place from which they have arrived. Later this year, they hit with yet another releas, EP entitled Fluorescent Grey.

[Cryptograms (07).zip]

[Fluorescent Grey]


Raccoo-oo-oon are a noise/experimental band from Iowa City. They formed in 2005 and have released 6 Full-lengths, and several compilation songs. Below is there 2007 release, Is Night People.

Invisible Sun.mp3

Mirrored Blanket.mp3

[Is Night]

Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry is a group from Houston, Texas that is known for its droning vision music and seizure-inducing stage show. Like other Houston Noise Bands and their psychedelic rock predecessors, Indian Jewelry are prone to sonic and comic experiments. At the core Indian Jewelry is a titanic void constantly eating its own and everyone else's. Their most recent album, Invasive Exotics was released last year on Monitor records following a string of EPs, one being Rattling Death Train.

[Rattling Death Train EP (04).zip]

People Noise

People Noise is a name that constitutes sound, and a lot of it. They began making music in early January of 2006 after a ten year involvement with VHS or Beta came to a halt. One of the founding members of VoB, Zeke Buck, together with Matt Johnson on drums, have set out to do some of the things that they were never really able to do before in past groups. There is a very human and somewhat introverted playfulness that appears on songs like 'A Million Lives' & ‘The Sun & The Moon, The Moon & The Sea’. Desperate and spirited Aphex Twin like moments which at very times breaks in an external guitar driven frenzy. It gives quick glimpse to some of the earlier songs on their upcoming album (songs like 'Sedation', and 'Harrison Bergeron'). Their range recalls some of the earlier alternative rock days of bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana & Radiohead, yet still birthing a sincerity and un-retro quality altogether its own.

[Ordinary Ghosts (07).zip]

The Killing fields.mp3

Clipd Beaks

Clipd Beaks was formed in early 2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Aric Blodgett, Nic Barbeln, Greg Pritchard, Ray Benjamin and Scott Ecklein. Upon listening you might think about Liars trying to belt their tribal, Kraut-y Drum's Not Dead or Liars material from a sinking ship. The young Oakland foursome play a blustery, plaster-cast post-punk that's made all the more waterlogged and claustrophobic with a noise-rock's sense of scree and jagged, Sightings-style DNA-peeled rhythms. The sound's tightly rickety, in the best way possible: You get the sense the taut, stuttered rhythm section could come unglued at any second, though, of course, it only does when they feel like it. Despite an early self-released Gang Caves and last year's Preyers EP on Tigerbeat6, most folks will likely come to the band via their first proper full-length, Hoarse Lords released by the venerable Lovepump United, run by Genghis Tron's Decibel-columnist-in-residence Mookie Singerman, and home to fellow BTW HEALTH.

[Hoarse Lords (07).zip]

Black Glass.mp3

White Rainbow

White Rainbow is Portland, Oregon musician Adam Forkner. His past projects include Yume Bitsu, Surface of Eceyon, WORLD, Dark Yoga and [[[[VVRSSNN]]]]. Forkner's work as White Rainbow also focuses on the construction of "White Rainbow Full Spectrum Vibrational Healing Centers." These are audio-video installations that combine dome-shaped huts, cushions, video projections and audio into enveloping psychedelic experiences. The first "Healing Center" was installed at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time Based Arts Festival of 2005. Recently, Forkner founded the Yarnlazer CDr label with longtime partner Honey Owens ( [[[[VVRSSNN]Valet). Yarnlazer primarily releases music from the Portland psychedelic/drone underground.

[Prism of Eternal Now (07).zip]

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