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Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowman - The Horse, The Rat & The Swan

Genre: Hypnotic, Garage, Psychedelic, Punk Rock
Year: 2008
Label: Dot Dash
Who: Joe McKee, Andy Citawarman, Olga Hermanniusson and Ross DiBlasio.
Where: Perth
Like: A tribal insane asylum
Rating: 7/10

Compare to: Black Tapes, The Drones, Hatifnats, Wilderness, Crystal Antlers

If you're into those outrageous, crazy-eyed rockabillies whom appear rather shoegazish but then side-swipe you with hypnotizing tribal-esque rhythms and belligerent vocals than hold the phone because Snowman has come just in time to slap that holiday cheer right off your face. But in a good way! That is if you enjoy making your greasy hair stand on end and then making it all right again. On their November release of The Horse, The Rat & The Swan, Snowman has accomplished all of this and then some. Their aesthetic is hard to put your finger on. I'd suggest listening to them before you investigate them...which is always best anyways. They embody a specific style of alternative rock fused with dark psychedelic punk rock that is a very worthwhile listen if you ask me.

Choice Tracks: Our Mother (She Remember), She is Turning Into You, Diamond Wounds

1 Our Mother (She Remembers)
2 We Are The Plague
3 The Gods of the Upper House
4 The Blood of The Swan
5 Daniel was a Time Bomb
6 A Rebirth
7 She is Turning Into You
8 The House (parts 1&2)
9 Diamond Wounds

Try It.
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Françoise Hardy said...

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becci said...

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becci said...

update your blog again soon!!

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