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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fantastic Magic - Witch Choir (07)

I'm going back to the old spiel instead of link lists because...well just because, and I'm mainly sticking to lovable carni eccentricities.

o0oo Wizardry and Folklore...brings us an album from a band known as Fantastic Magic, which is an incredibly accurate name, off Abandon Ship records. If you're into freak folk or...idk...Witch Choirs? Then check these guys out, but don't blame them if you happen to trip yourself into your friendly neighborhood psyche ward.

Slightly similar to these crazies or vice-versa: Emeralds,Vodka Soap, Indian Jewelry, White Magic, Headdress, Espers, Metallic Falcons, Islaja

Fantastic Magic-Witch Choir (07).rar

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