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Friday, February 1, 2008

I've Been Meaning To....

the usual Mediafire routine. click to download.

[Le Loup - The Throne of the Third Heaven '07]
If you like Animal Collective. Experimental Psychedelic Folk. A TOP ALBUM of '07

[Oh No - Dr. No's '07]
underground Hip-Hop

[Chrome Hoof - Pre-Emptive False '07]
Sorry theres nothing like them! I guess if you like Drone Carnival Math Rock
lead by a powerful bad ass black woman. A TOP ALBUM of '07

[Yelle - Pop '07]
French Electro-Pop

Danger - 09/14 EP '07
BUY IT! It's fantastic.
If you like Justice. French Dub-Electro

[The Chromatics - Night '07]
If you like Glass Candy and Studio. Experimental Synthpop.

Black Dice - Load Blown '07
If you like Lightning Bolt. Experimental Noise

[Little Dragon - Little '07]
If you like Stateless and Massive Attack. Trip-Hop. My Favorite.

[Lightning Dust - Lightning '07]
If you like Black Mountain. Folk-indie

[Beach House - Beach '06]
If you like Swan Lake and Celebration. Lo-Fi Psychedelic Indie.

[Halves - Halves '07]
If you like Sigur Ros. Experimental

Fans of Jimmy Century - Twist of the Banshees '07
BUY IT! Amazing!

If you like like Goldfrapp and Peaches. Electronic Dance.

White Light Circus - Rocket Ride '07
White Light Circus - Marching Orders '06
BUY THESE! together they're four singles.
If you like Ghost Dance. Electronic

more later....along with the 2008 leaks like I promised.


Anonymous said...

pleeeeease upload marching orders by White Light Circus

Blanche said...

will do!


All upload requests or questions message aim sn: Blannche

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