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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2008 january leaks part 1

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Anticipated Debuts, Releases, and Leaks for '08

[School of Language - Sea From '08]
If you like Field Music or Young Knives. Rock

[These New Puritans - Beat '08]
If you like Foals. New Wave Post-Punk

[The Dø - A '08]

If you like White Magic and Hand Claps. Psychedelic Pop

[Dengue Fever - Venus on '08]

Psychedelic Cambodian Pop

[Hot Chip - Made In The '08]

If you like Junior Boys and LCD Soundsystem. Electro-pop Rock

[Dead Meadow - Old '08]
If you like 35007 or Comets On Fire. Stoner Rock

[Black Mountain - In The '08]
If you like Dead Meadow or Wolf Parade. Psychedelic Rock.

[Cymbient - Out On The '08]
If you like Ween, Elliot Smith, and Tortoise. Surfy Experimental.

[Lightspeed Champion -Falling of The Lavender '08]
If you like Team Perfect, Jens Lekman, or Beirut. Solo Instrumental Vocalist

[MGMT - Oracular '08]

If you like Young Love or Of Montreal or Yeasayer. Pop-Rock-Electro Fusion

[Beach House - '08]
If you like Celebration. Psychedelic Folk

[Able Baker Box - '08]
If you like Minus The Bear. Alternative

[Get Well Soon - Rest Now, Weary Head!.zip '08]
If you like Eagle Seagull. Psychedelic Folk

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Rethabile said...

Hi Blanche,
Thanks for commenting on my blog (whose vs who's). I actually heard the error (who's car is that) from non-native speakers, not native speakers. I've native speakers write it, yes.

There is a difference in the pronunciation where I come from, who's being a little longer than whose, and also having a slight change in tone whereas whose doesn't.

Cheers. Nice blog.


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